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This is the time of mobile tv. Maximum of people watch tv shows on Mobile. JioTv is the king of this platform. But if you don’t have any jio sim card then You can not watch jiotv. For this reason you might be search alternative of jiotv.

Airtel tv users also need an Airtel sim card. Otherwise you can not see live tv. And here also some problems. If you are a JioTv User then you can’t stream any star networks channel without HotStar. For this you need an app where you can watch live tv without jiotv .

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Best Alternative Of JioTv and Airtel Tv

In this article I will be share an awesome app where you can See your favourite tv shows and live tv on your mobile without using any JioTv, Airtel Tv and HotStar. You van treat it as best alternative of vodafone tv , jiotv and Airtel Tv.

By using this app you can enjoy live Tv Shows without using any specific sim card. You can watch your favourite Live Tv Channels without using jiotv and Airtel Tv app. And yes you can also watch all star’s channel without HotStar.

So you don’t need to use use these specific app.

There was a problem on live TV app. The problem is you can’t record your screen and can’t Miracast your screen. For this reason you need a jioTv alternative app. But by using this trick you can Miracast your live shows and also do screen recording easily.

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I will be provide you a app. By using this alternative of jioTv app you can enjoy your favourite tv shows at your own freedom. You record your tv shows and also share it with your friends.

In this article I will be give you the download link of that jioTv alternative app. And also review this app. I recommend you that before reading this full article don’t go for download thsi alternative of jioTv app.

Lets discuss and receive the JioTv alternative app.

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jiotv alternative app

The name of the JioTv and airtel tv ternative app is ThopTv. I hope many of you listen about this app. But you need to know the pros and cons about this app. Before downloading this alternative app I recommend you to read its Pros And Cons.

Pross Of ThopTv

  1. You don’t need a specific sim card to watch Live Tv.
  2. You don’t need to use HotStar app for watching Star Network’s channel.
  3. You can record your screen.
  4. You can Miracast your display.
  5. There are too many size format of streaming live tv.
  6. You can get JioTv, Airtel Tv and many others channel whis not available on JioTv and Airtel Tv app.
  7. You can watch watch previous tv program.
  8. This is totally free.

Lets see some Cons of Thop Tv app

Cons of ThopTv App

  1. It is not available on Google Play Store.
  2. You can see some advertisement on this app because it is free.

This is all Pros And Cons of best alternative app of jioTv named ThopTv. The download link available on the last of this article. You can download this live tv app by clicking the link which provided on below. After clicking the link you will be redirect our another site. Where you will be get its download link. If you enjoy this full article then I will provide you my opinion for this jiotv alternative app.

Download Link

My Opinion on JioTv alternative app

If you agree to tolerate the adds on Alternative app of jioTv, then you can go for this app. If you not agree to see the adds on this app, please do not download thia app. You have to use JioTv or Airtel Tv app and also HotStar app for enjoing your tv shows.

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