Helo App Loot Offer

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Hello friends, I am back again with an attractive loot offer. Today I will be discuss about Helo App Loot Offer.

As you know Helo is one of the famous app at thia time. This the app of owner company of TikTok.

On Helo app you can share your content like videos, Images and many more things. Helo is the one of the trending platform at this time. You can build your audience at this platform and become famous.

Today we will discuss about Helo App Loot Offer. From Few days Helo App continue a famous refer and earn offer. You can earn upto rs 350 by referring only one person.

Can you this how famous this offer is. You have to follow few steps to get benifit of Helo app refer and earn offer.

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Helo App Loot Offer Details

As I discussed, this is a refer and earn offer campaign. If you want to earn a huge amount money from this online, then I will say that this offer is just for you. Without wasting too much time lets see the Helo app Loot Offer Details.

1) Download Helo App From this link (Download Helo App)

2) Register On Helo App by using your Email id or Mobile Number. *Make sure the number or email id you provided at the time of sign up, is not already registered with Helo App* ( I will recommend you , if you already a Helo app user, then clear the all data of your helo app, Re install Helo App from the link which I provided )

3) After Submitting basic details, you will be entered your Helo Account.

4) Click on the Coin icon at the right side top corner.Helo App Loot Offer

5) Then Click on Whatsapp Icon.

6) Tell your friend to Download the app through your referral link.

7) Then Tell your friend to sign up.

8) After Successfully Sign Up you and your friend have to use Helo App Daily minimum 10 minutes.

9) After Successfully Your Friend’s sign up you will get some money instantly.

10) After 7 day helo app use of your friend you will get again rs 55 .

11) After Successfully 30 days use of Helo App you will get another RS 200 .

13) You can transfer your earnings directly in your bank account or Paytm wallet. And the very good things is, the money which you redeem will credited your account instantly.

14) Minimum Withdrawl RS 1.

Terms And Conditions


1. An Existing User must be an active and valid user of Helo

2 An Existing User may imvite their friends, family and other people (a “New User”) whom they know (apart from themselves) to sign up as a frst time user on Helo on their moblie.

3. For a user to participate in this Helos Referral and Rewards Program (the “Program), nis deemed that the they have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions.

4. All users agree to provide correct and accurate Paytm or banik account information on Helo. This particular information will be collected by Helo for the purpose of transfeming the cash into user’s account.


1. When a New User successfully logs in for the frst time on Helo using Existing User’s invite Ink/referral code, the Existing User becomes eligible to earn 10.000 coins in their Helo account

2 For every suocessfu referral, the Existing User wil be rewarded with coins in their Helo account within seven (7) umber of days

3. When a New User enters the referral code and Successfuly logs into Helo, they become eligble to receive 10,000 cons in their Helo account.

4 Upon posting a comment for the first time on Hela, a New User becomes eligible lo receive 500 poins in their Helo apcount

5. Upon sharing a post of another user for the first time on Helo, a New User shall become eigble to receive 500 coins in their Helo account

6. When a New User is followed by another user of Helo for the fest time, the New User becomes eligble to receive 500 coins in ther Helo account

7. On a daly basis, when a New User is logged in and enjoying Helo for a minute. they become eligble to receive 10 coins in their Helo account Similery for enjoying Helo for 3 minutes they wil become 120 coire enina eligible to receive get 20 coins, enjoying Helo for 5 minutes they become eligible receive 30 coins. enjoying Helo for 10 minutes they become eigble receive 40 coins nd if enjoying Helo for 20 minutes they become eligible to get 100 coins

8.A New User can also share the details of coins pollected in their Helo apcount with their friends through WhatsApp Esch time a New User shareg this, they become eligible to earn 50 coins in their Helo account

9. Every time a New User opens the treasure box on Helo, they become eligible lo ern 20 coins in their Helo account.


1. Every day at 12am IST, the coins oollected in the respective Helio account shall convert to INR. The user can then choose to withdraw this amount in their respective Paytm wallet or bank account Inked with Helo

2. For the avoidance of doubt, please note that 10,000 coina equals 1 INR


1. In case a user is not active on Helo for a period of more than 30 calendar days, Helo holds the right to retract the coins the user may have earned in their Helo account or any further rewards as welL

2. Likewise, f a user is not active on this Program’s page for 7 days or more, Helo reserves the right to Dease reading reward of the concemed user.

3. Helo reserve the right to withdraw and/or amend any of the terms and conditions of this Program at any time without any prior notice and its decision shal be final binding and non-contestable.

4 Upon discovery of a fraudulent activity Helo reserves the right to disquality the concermed user from participating in this Program and withdraw the coins collected from their Helo account.

5. Helo will not be responsible for any loss or lability it a user provides incorrect inforrmation of their Paytm or bank account.

6. Helo may use the Program winner(s) photographs and entries for media coverage, advertisements or publicity without any further consent and consideration

7. Helo’s Community Guidelines and User Agreement are also applicabie to this Program.

8. This Program is subject to compliance with the applicable laws and regulations of India

9. All terms & conditions of this Program shal be Interpreted and construed according to laws of India and any dispute shal be subiect to eoclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Mumbal


1. If a user submits a redemption request, Helo wll process the request within 21 working days. Helo requests its users to be patient in this regard

2 Users can only redeem the cash in INR using their Paytm or bank account which needs to be provided at the time of redemption request.


1. Helo reserves the right to end the event at any time, the reward earned before the end of the event will stil be valid and a user needs to submit the request to redeem no later than 10 davs after the end of the event, otherwise, any reward balance wil be cleared.

2 Helo reserves the right of final interpretation, If you have any inquiry please contact us at feedbeck@helo-app.com

This is the all about Helo App Loot Offer and Helo app refer and earn offer. I hope you will earn money by using this offer.

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