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How To Live Stream PUBG From Mobile is the common question of all mobile gamers. If you are a mobile gamer and you want to share your gaming skills through live stream, this article for you.

Live stream of mobile game is one of the trending topics at this time. At this time game streamer make lot of money by steaming their gameplay. There are too many opportunities for earning money by live streaming.

In this article I will share How To Live Stream PUBG From Mobile and money earning opportunities for game streamers.

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  • Money Earning Opportunities for game streamers.
  • How To Live Stream PUBG From Mobile.

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Money Earning Opportunities for Game Streamers

There are too many opportunities of money earning for game streamers. Now we will discuss about it.

Earning opportunities on YouTube

  1. Super Chat

Super Chat is the feature of YouTube. If you plan to stream on YouTube so there are many options for earning money. You can earn money through Adsense. In super chat , your followers can send you money directly. For this you want an Adsense account . There are some criteria for getting monetize your YouTube channel. 

Criteria For YouTube Channel Monetization.
  1. You have to create genuine content
  2. You have to create no illegal content.
  3. You have to create quality content.
  4. Do not use any copyright things.
  5. To get monetization you need at least 1000 subscribers.
  6. You need minimum 4000 hours watch time in one year.

2. UPI

You can share your upi address at the time of live streaming. Your friends can send you money through any upi app like Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, BHIM etc.

3. Sponsorship

If you become famous on YouTube then there are too many opportunities for getting sponsorship from several brands. You can not imagine how much you can earn through sponsorship. You can earn huge amount of money from sponsorship.


Earning opportunities on Facebook

I hope you can noticed that many of streamers are moving to Facebook Gaming. 

Facebook Gaming is a new feature of Facebook. In Facebook you have a huge opportunity to get views and followers. Like YouTube you can Stream your Gaming on Facebook.

  1. Monetization

Like YouTube monetization you can monetize your Facebook page. You have full fill some criteria for this. You can money through facebook monetization.

  1. Star

Your fan can send you star ? at the time of live streaming. Facebook Star ? is similar to YouTube Super Chat.

  1. UPI

You can provide your upi address on the screen at the time of streaming live gameplay.

Your Fan Can send you money through your upi address. 

  1. Sponsorship

If you become famous on Facebook Gaming, there will be open a great door earning for you through sponsorship. Several brands will contact you for promoting their products. You can charge money for making promotion. You can earn very good amount monthly through promotion.

How To Live Stream PUBG From Mobile at Free

Let’s discuss our main topic how to become game streamer. Many of you are from poor or middle class family. You can not spend too much money for doing live streaming. This article is for those people who don’t able to spend money for live streaming. 

Let’s start..

  1. You need one Mobile. On which you can play games.
  2. You need a good internet connection for streaming. If you don’t have a good internet connection you can not live stream. Because of your poor network connection you ping will become high , the video quality of your streaming video will become hazy. I mean very poor video quality.
  3. Mobile App- you need an app which will help you stream your game. Actually by using this app you can stream your game. I will suggest you some app for streaming.


  • Omlet Arcade this is my favourite app at this time for live streaming of mobile game like Pubg mobile. It has its own platform for going live game streaming. You also easily stream your game on Facebook and YouTube and twitch. There are too many layout options for you. By using these layouts you can give your dream a premium looking. 


Click here to download this App


I hope i clear your quarry about How To Live Stream PUBG From Mobile. I suggest you some apps for making live streaming. I will suggest you Omlet Arcade for making live streaming. If you still have any query please comment below.

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