Mi Dual Driver Earphone Vs Realme Buds 2

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Are You Confused about Realme Buds 2 VS Mi Dual Driver Earphone? Which will be best for you?

If you land this site for your confusion then I confirm that you land the perfect page. IN this article I will compare Between Realme Buds 2 and Mi Dual driver earphone.

Realme and Mi both are best competitor at this Time. Both company has large customer Base. And Realme Buds 2 & Mi Dual Driver Earphone both are also best Competitor under rs 1000 price range.

My Short Opinion : Mi Dual Driver Earphone is better option compare to Realme Buds 2

1. Mi Dual Driver Earphone (Rs 599)CHECK NOW

2. Realme Buds 2 ( Rs 599)CHECK NOW

So friends with out wasting your valuable time lets compare these earphones.

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Build Quality of Mi Dual Driver vs Realme buds 2 earphone

Mi Dual Driver Earphone :- Mi Dual Driver Earphone cable comes with cabler coated protection. This coating increase longevity of earphone and makes it Tangle free.

Realme Buds 2 earphone :- This Realme Buds 2 earphone also comes with cabler coated protection like Mi Dual Driver Earphone.


Both earphones comes with 3.5 mm jack. But IN case of Realme Buds 2 the jack is not L shape and not golden plated connector . Where as Redmi Dual Driver Earphone comes with L shape jack and Golden plated. The L shape jack & Golden plated connector increase the longevity of earphone and improve the connectivity respectively.

Mi Dual driver earphone

Remote Control Button

Both Earphones Comes with three remite control buttons. One for (middle button) receiving call and end call.

Upper button for Sound/ Volume increase button. Down button for reducing the sound/Volume.

In both Earphones button function is same. But Button of Mi dual drive earphone is more easy to use.


There are a huge difference between these two earphones. Lets discuss the difference.

1. Realme Buds 2 : Earbuds of Realme Buds 2 makes with plastic material. And colour combination is black and yellow. Inspite of wired earphone this earphone comes with magnetic attachment. Which is awesome.Realme Buds 2

2. Mi Dual Driver Earphone : Mi Dual Driver Earphone comes with metallic body. Which provides a premium feeling. This earphone also comes with magnetic attachment features. The main plus point which makes it unique compare to other earphone that , the magnetic surface made with glossy polycarbonate finish and one part is concave and another is convex . This is really awesome. Mi Dual Driver EarphoneMi Dual Driver Earphone Review

In this case Mi Dual Driver Earphone is clear winner

Yaar tips off headphone

Both Earphones provide nearly same to same earbuds. Both earbuds are soft and comfortable. 

Sound Quality: Mi Dual Driver Earphone vs realme Buds 2

In these both Earphones sound quality is good. But there are some minor differences of sound quality. 

Realme Buds 2 : Realme Buds 2 comes with budget price and provide you a awesome Sound Quality. 

This earphone Comes with 11.2 mm bass booster driver. So if you are a bass lover you will get an awesome bass experience with this earphone. 

If you listen classical music then there I want to clarify that the vocals is not as good as expectations. 

Overall it produces a good balance sound.

Mi Dual Driver Earphone: 

This earphone Comes with dual driver. One boosting vocals, trible, and another is boost bass. 

After looking its price and its dual driver features our expectations is comes high. 

At the time of listing song I feel that when sound is loud , it is fail to control bass and vocals. 

If you are a bollywood song lover it will satisfy you. 

Due to presence of Dual Driver it makes a awesome Balanced sounds . This is awesome. 

My Opinion On Mi Dual Driver Earphone vs Realme Buds 2 Comparison

If you want to choose any of these earphone then you can read my opinion and experience with these earphone. 

Both the earphone are best . But there are some differences.

Built Quality : The built Quality of these earphone are nearly same. But some cases I found Mi is Better. So in this case mi is winner. 

Sound Quality : Sound Quality is also nearly same . But Mi Dual Driver Earphone gives little bit better performance due to presence of Dual Driver. 

After judging all points. Mi Dual Driver Earphone is the winner. 

If Your Budget is 599 then obviously go For Realme Buds 2 – Check Now

If you want to buy best earphone under rs 1000 then go for Mi Dual Driver Earphone

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